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Psychology Didactics Beginning of next Master
Our target participants: All graduates with bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification. .
Master’s Goals •	to grasp the logic and mathematics in the associations between quantity, insights, heuristics, assumptions and experiences, to express and to stimulate the "magic math" and the "philosophy of mathematical reasoning"; •	develop reasoning skills and creativity through activities math and logic; •	promote the construction of solutions and methodologies in the calculation and in facing and solving math problems; •	develop mathematical and logical skills in recognizing what changes and what is constant; •	promote mental processes (compare, extrapolate, generalize) and learning styles (groped, understand, understand, imagine, reflect); •	combine the observation of real-life experiences with math and logic skills; •	create educational and instructional methods specific for Education Logic and Mathematics Education; •	know and understand the mathematics of everyday life, math concepts, math fantasy. •	discover the relationships that are the basis of concrete operational schemes to apply the same patterns to other similar situations from the mathematical point of view. •	promote the Logic of Knowledge (understanding what is true: critical thinking, deductive reasoning, learning schemes and concepts) and the Logic of Imagination (design possible: heuristic-inductive reasoning, creative thinking, learning to forecast the mental and conceptual equations).
The Master in Psyma - Psycho-Mathematics is proposed as a method of education fun and motivating to teach students the mathematical knowledge, starting from the interests and knowledge of each student and then develop a curriculum of knowledge and discoveries to learn the culture of mathematics and the fundamental basis of scientific reasoning. Formazione Master Title Title of "Expert in Teaching Psycho Mathematics” Master Period:  3.000 hours (2 years) (700 hours in class, 800 hours of e-learning, 900 hours of stage, 600 hours of formative path’s documentation) It is possible to attend the courses entirely on the e-learning platform Master Fee:    3.500 € (2.500 € if by E-Learning) Books and lecture notes included ENTER THE WEBSITE
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