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Psychology Didactics
Our target participants: * Teachers (Childhood, Primary School, for disabilities) * Trainers of trainers, specialists in education and Councillors childhood and school * Inspectors, Managers - managers - Managers educational, school leaders, * Education and Counseling Educational psychologists
Course’s Goals •	Develop the attention, imagination, fantasy and creative sense of imagination; •	Enable interaction with the "literary text"; •	Increase the sense-perceptual functions, the organization of movements; •	Promote the exchange and interpersonal communication skills; •	Read, understand, interpret and animate a fairy tale or a story through the sounds, the colors, the images; •	Developing the proper use of the voice and speech; •	Strengthen the capacity of expression, verbal, emotional and body; •	Knowledge and understanding of the surrounding environment, and move in harmony with it.
The theatrical animation and body expression are a powerful educational tool that draws on a universal heritage (fairy tales, myths, stories, poetry, music or sound) and which promotes the harmonious development of the child, his ability to learn, to express themselves , to relate. The theatrical animation and body expression are particularly suitable in the logic of educational continuity between kindergarten and elementary school. Training Course Title Certificate of Formation as  "Expert Theatre Workshop" Course Period:  300 hours (60 hours in class, 80 hours of e-learning, 80 hours of stage, 80 hours of formative path’s documentation)It is possible to attend the course entirely on the e-learning platform Course Fee:    500 € (350€ if by E-Learning) Books and lecture notes included ENTER THE WEBSITE
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