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Educational Test
Our target participants: The ISPEF Educational tests related to their students: * School of Childhood, * Primary School, * Secondary School and Professional. The ISPEF Educational tests have been tested and validated since 1978 in the following scientific areas: Purpose of Certification The ISPEF Educational tests are scientifically validated and effective tests to identify-analyze-test skills acquired by students in the field of training. The results obtained with the ISPEF Educational Tests allow you to create the basis to be able to develop the pedagogical assumptions, which are constantly tested by teachers / psychologists in practice. The Educational tests are the basic tools of Sciences of Education for all teachers / educational psychologists and researchers from around the world who live and work in Learning Communities and / or web design. The Educational Tests allow to assess the skills and psycho-cognitive strategies of the students within the context of educational and social relationship in the teaching-learning and the relationship with people in the community where you live, so that we can develop hypotheses educational psychology that teachers / psychologists can experience in everyday life.
Who uses the ISPEF Educational Test: * Teachers (Childhood, Primary School, Secondary School, Professional School, for disabilities) * Psychologists and educational psychologists; * Experts in the field.
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