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Our target participants: * Teachers (Childhood, Primary School, for disabilities) * Trainers of trainers, specialists in education and Councillors childhood and school * Inspectors, Managers - managers - Managers educational, school leaders, * Education and Counseling Educational psychologists .
Course’s Goals •	Knowing how to use the tools to design their own strategies and especially •	to learn how to learn in an active way and taking a leading role; •	Promote effective communication teaching and unambiguous; •	Developing high-level cognitive skills such as intuition, creativity, the ability to self-learning. Develop processes for the organization of knowledge; •	Develop procedures deductive (top-down, top to bottom, from general to specific) inductive and deductive processes (bottom-up, from the bottom up, from the particular to the general); •	Encourage socialization promoting the dissemination of ideas, research and exchange of opinion, the formation of teams for the study; •	Knowing the potential of the computer and the real meaning and application of the terms used; •	Learn to use the computer as a mediator for teaching all disciplines; •	Become familiar with the algorithms: that is, to know how to pose and indicate a problem, and solve it by breaking it down into the following sub-problems and micro-problems; •	Knowing how to classify and evaluate educational software based on the main methodologies proposed.
In educational practice is necessary to focus not so much on technology as on the learning processes and those related to the effectiveness of communication, favouring heuristic procedures and strategies for solutions to problems and processes applicants imagination. Everything that has happened in the art and science in the last century (Freud, Chaplin, Einstein, Picasso, ...) produced a different way of being in relationship to knowledge. This different way of being children and young people have it built, they have it inside. (R. Maragliano, 1994). Training Course Title Certificate of Formation as  "Expert in Computer Science Laboratory" Course Period:  300 hours (60 hours in class, 80 hours of e-learning, 80 hours of stage, 80 hours of formative path’s documentation)It is possible to attend the course entirely on the e-learning platform Course Fee:    500 € (350€ if by E-Learning) Books and lecture notes included ENTER THE WEBSITE
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